Friday, December 01, 2000

TOS-Study by Toochez

toochez wrote, in response to Leisa:

OK, I think I got something here. TTM Squeeze indicator or Volatility Squeeze for TOS.

I have also uploaded few screenshots on Please let me know if you can not access the posted pics.

STEP 1 - make sure you have a TOS chart displayed. Under contextual menu (right mouse button click) select STUDIES / EDIT STUDIES

STEP 2 - in the new panel that pops up select NEW (lower left corner)

STEP 3 - New Script pannel pops up, make sure you assign a meaningful name to this new script (upper dialog line)

STEP 4 - in the main body of the new script panel, delete the default "plot data = close" and paste the following lines:

declare lower;

input Length = 20;

input price = close;


def e1 = (Highest(High, length) + Lowest(low, length)) / 2 + Average(close, length);

def osc = Inertia(price - e1 / 2, length);

plot oscp = osc;

def diff = reference bollingerbands(length = 20)."upperband" - reference KeltnerChannels."Upper_Band";

plot mid = 0;

mid.assignValueColor(if diff >= 0 then Color.UPTICK else Color.DOWNTICK);

#oscp.assignValueColor(if osc[1] = 0 then


createColor(0, 255, 255) else


createColor(204, 0, 204)

else if osc[0] >= 0 then


createColor(0, 155, 155) else


createColor(255, 155, 255));



STEP 5 - select APPLY (lower right corner) and see the TTM indicator displayed on lower subgraph

Once here...congrats !!! you just added the TTM Squeeze script to your TOS platform :)

Make sure you save the layout. Of course, tweaking can be done to your liking.


Here is a link to Tradethemarkets, the maker of TTM Squeeze indicator, where you'll find

a video file explaining in detail how to use the indicator.


P.S. sorry for the long post but I thought this tool is a useful one to know about since Leisa mentioned it as a successful strategy.

On the same note, the indicator works on every timeframe and what's also nice about it,

it helps to avoid fake reversals. As with any other indicator, use it in conjunction with TL's, SUPP & RES elements and of course, Price Action. ( I guess this was the disclaimer part for the new TTM Squeeze users) :)

Saturday, January 01, 2000



Terrific site for daily reviews of oil, gold, currencies and indices (cycles)

PeterDag's Business Cycle

If you click on the graphic above, you'll see his PDF explaining this cycle. It's important information to do not want to buy good companies in cyclical industries late in their cycles.