Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Here's a quick chart of a stock that I own, TRIT.  (click to make larger)

I have some technical and fundamental aspects of this name that I wanted to share with you.

TRIT had a terrific day, advancing 13.26% on  3.42 relative volume.  There is some favorable air space above the current price action, but a big hurdle in the $14- $5 range.  Caution is warranted here for any new entries as the BB% is over 1 (1.21 in this case), a largely unsustainable condition.  I found this stock in a sector drill down. You might reasonably ask, "Which sector?"

When you poke around in places, you find some interesting things.  This ticker shows up in three different sectors in three different places!

I like this company on both a technical and a fundamental level.  I'm in at $9.17.  It has been volatile, and it is, for most larger traders, too thin. I bought primarily on the chart, and secondarily on a 'cursory' view of the financial information.  Here is what FINVIZ shows

At the time of my purchase it was a $9.17 stock of which $4.06 was cash.  It has income, sales/income growth and no debt.  It was worth a small flier.  While FINVIZ lists the institutional holdings, there are two great places where you kind find this information.

My favorite place is J3SG.  You can also find it at the NASDAQ site which also will list short interest over a 12 month period. The institutional sponsorship is very low.  This low sponsorship does not bother me--I don't mind being in an undiscovered stock that gets discovered.

This ticker provided a good opportunity to show how a few things can come together with a little hard work on your part.  Good research tools (charts/fundamentals), developed trading/investor skills, and penultimate organizational skills (to keep up with names to watch) represent of great trifecta to help improve your portfolio results.

Position:  Long TRIT in my trading account.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Notes from my Life: Starting a New Decade

As I approach my 50th birthday (today--technically 4:01 p.m. EDT), I'm feeling a bit as if I need to makes some resolutions.  I'm not sure if 50 is the new 40.  I am sure that I'm newly 50; and trampling new ground in old skin is not such a bad thing.

On Friday, I had lunch with a good friend of mine.  It was not a the place that we had planned to go--that restaurant was on an August hiatus.  We tried another restaurant, Mexican, thinking that a margarita on a hot day would be quite nice.  The restaurant disappointed in every way. Our margaritas were $11 a piece.  They tasted like $2 margaritas. Nevertheless, our lunch was enjoyable because it was an opportunity to be with my friend.

Clearly getting older is the opportunity for our friendships to grow deeper and richer. 

I started a Fit by 50 blog two years ago.  I am 50, but I'm not fit--my own fault.  Lack of motivation and discipline.  Failing to boundary other pulls on my time.  Enough self-flagellation.

I awoke this morning to the Hound of the Baskerville wail from Macy.  We thought it was the paper man.  Rather, it was someone planting flamengos in my drought-stricken front lawn.  Thank goodness Mark looked before opening the door for the dogs!

The flamingos are courtesy of my two good internet friends, Iggy and Viscous, from Slope of Hope.  It does look like a birthday greeting meant for them!  I'm not sure when they come back to gather the flamingos.  I need to ensure that my dogs are in!

My family is given over to much distress about what to get me for any type of present.  My daughter, who does not suffer from this paralysis, always manages to stumble upon the right thing--not only for me, but for every family member.  She found in an antique place the following print:

 It's a photographic engraving of Thomas Blinks', The Rose.  It is printed by T. Ross and Sons and copyrighted by Moss and Tooth and Sons.  The frame has been harshly treated, and in general the print looks quite old.  The gold looks like a gold tape with what appears to be hand drawn charchoal lines as a border around the tape as well as on an outside border. It looks to be quite old.  However, for all of its blemishes and age, it is still beautiful.  It is going to look just perfect it my office, and it is a gift that I will cherish forever.

My sister sent me a stunning vase of  flowers.  They will delight me all week.

Tonight we will do a low key dinner at a Mexican restaurant.

Half a century....Truthfully, I don't feel any different than I did at any other time in my life other than each year I'm more comfortable in my own skin.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weekly Sector Report | Week ending 08/13/10

(Note: Please click on all images to make larger)

It was an ugly week in the market with the Total Stock Market Index down by 4.2%--Ugly if you are a bull.  It was a fantastic week for the bears.  Telecommunications was the sector down the least.  As you might guess, the search for yield is on again, and some telecommuncation issues are staid dividend payers. Though outside the scope of this post, past dividends do not always equal current dividends.  Make sure that you conduct reasonable due diligence to evaluate the quality and ability of continuance of dividends.

One of my long-time blog friends, MarkM, pointed out that preferred shares were a superb performer.  Here's a chart of PFF.

Here are the sectors with the highest relative volume. You can view the entire table here.

ZBB and DYN were the two biggest contributors to this sector's relative volume performance.

Here are the sectors with the highest short interest.  You can view the entire table here

If you wish to scroll through all of the sector charts and drill down for greater detail, you can do so by following THIS LINK.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Weekly Sector Report | 08/06/10

Last week I indicated that I would not provide the weekly sector report in the future. Given the feedback, I've elected to continue in a modified form--I will no longer prepare a chart book since this information is available on FINVIZ. I'll use this weekly post to highlight points of interest and to give you some links.

While the job report delivered a disappointing number on Friday, the weekly sectors, except for banks, were positive.  Healthcare (+3.17%) and Basic Resources (+4.13%) had strong showings.  It is worth noting that Healthcare has been the worst performing sector over the last six months.

Here's a table of the sub-sectors that have the greatest short interest for the week:

Source:  FINVIZ

Mylan Labs (MYL) has the largest short interest at a whopping 25.27%.  Click on the ticker to see a chart.

Now let's take a look at the sectors with the highest relative volume:

(Source FINVIZ)

The largest relative volume mover (4.51)  in Medical Practioners was Transcend Services (TRCR).

For easy to view charts on individual subsectors, click here to be transported to FINVIZ.  You can order these charts in a number of ways.

I hope that you find this new format helpful in providing an overview in addition to giving you some exposure to tools that can aid your own variation of research.

I wish you good trading this week.