Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Here's a quick chart of a stock that I own, TRIT.  (click to make larger)

I have some technical and fundamental aspects of this name that I wanted to share with you.

TRIT had a terrific day, advancing 13.26% on  3.42 relative volume.  There is some favorable air space above the current price action, but a big hurdle in the $14- $5 range.  Caution is warranted here for any new entries as the BB% is over 1 (1.21 in this case), a largely unsustainable condition.  I found this stock in a sector drill down. You might reasonably ask, "Which sector?"

When you poke around in places, you find some interesting things.  This ticker shows up in three different sectors in three different places!

I like this company on both a technical and a fundamental level.  I'm in at $9.17.  It has been volatile, and it is, for most larger traders, too thin. I bought primarily on the chart, and secondarily on a 'cursory' view of the financial information.  Here is what FINVIZ shows

At the time of my purchase it was a $9.17 stock of which $4.06 was cash.  It has income, sales/income growth and no debt.  It was worth a small flier.  While FINVIZ lists the institutional holdings, there are two great places where you kind find this information.

My favorite place is J3SG.  You can also find it at the NASDAQ site which also will list short interest over a 12 month period. The institutional sponsorship is very low.  This low sponsorship does not bother me--I don't mind being in an undiscovered stock that gets discovered.

This ticker provided a good opportunity to show how a few things can come together with a little hard work on your part.  Good research tools (charts/fundamentals), developed trading/investor skills, and penultimate organizational skills (to keep up with names to watch) represent of great trifecta to help improve your portfolio results.

Position:  Long TRIT in my trading account.