Sunday, June 25, 2017

Weekly Sector Report | 06/23/2017

I've had some off-line life that took me away from preparing these for you.  I'm back on track. My goal is to share with you Super Sector and Sub Sector performance to give you a sense of where money is flowing by examining relative performance of super sectors and their subsectors. 

We are working in price relative universe.  I use the $DWCF as the US Stock Market Universe and compare all performance of all indices against this backdrop.  You may find the full PDF report here.  You can view as much or as little of the detail as you like.

Table 1 below are the Super Sectors as defined by Dow Jones.  All subsectors roll up into one of the 001-0010 SuperSectors.  Let's take an eagle's eye view and then move closer in.

Table 1 | SuperSectors

Notes on Table 1:  As you can see, the drubbing that technology took in prior weeks was repaired a bit.  Both Healthcare and Technology were the darlings of the week.

In the package that I prepare for you, I outline all of the subsectors.  Table 2 includes the top and bottom 10:

Table 2 | Top/Bottom 10 SuperSectors