Sunday, February 08, 2009

A New Leash on Life

The Perplexed Invetor has morphed into a second-rate, piece rate seamstress. Trust me, I'd starve if I had to make my living this way. But after the equipment failures on our dog rescues, I was determined to find a way to make some high quality leashes by buying the webbing and the clasps wholesale.

I do know how to sew, and I pulled out the trusty Bernina. My prototype did not go well. But in Henry Ford fashion, I managed to improve my productivity with each lead.

It is hard to find discount pet products. I knew last summer I had hit the jackpot at Big Lots, when they had a bunch of beautiful Aspen Pet leads for $1. I bought every one that they had, for I could not even buy the buckle for that. I parceled them out to my volunteer friends and to me. They are all gone but one. Ever since, I've been looking for a deal. There were none to be had.

Over the last few transports, we've had more tethered dogs. Big, strong dogs who pull. We've had 'D' rings break, choke chains break and the clip shank break. It's no fun handling a dog and have an equipment failure. So here I am with a goal : A New Leash on Life.

By spending a small amount of my time (about 10 minutes per lead), I can give a dog a new leason on life. S/he gets a high quality leash that helps him/her as well as supports the volunteer handling/caring for the dog. Leashes of this quality sell for about $12-15. I can save about 75% making them without a big investment of time ( Seems like the best I can do is make these leads for $3 a piece--or about 25% of retail price. ). I'm trying to work out a better deal from the supplier, so I gave him my inspirational story. We'll see what happens.