Sunday, July 18, 2010

Notes from my life

What a great week!

On Thursday, I ventured back up to Palladio with two of my friends (28 years!) to celebrate our collective 50th birthdays.

We met at KPMG Peat Marwick, fresh out of college. How could it be so long ago?! We had a leisurely lunch, and were reminded that friendships, like wine, get better with age and that good food and conversation naturally are the most successful pairs trade of all!  The restaurant made our desserts extra special.  Here is my blueberry tartlet in a coconuts tart shell.

I need to work on that flash shadow!  I elected to forgo the wine pairing.  Interesting economics:  We could have ordered wine pairings (4 glasses each) for $12 more ($36).  Rather, we elected to go with 1 glass of wine (Viognier), and asked them to leave the bottle ($44)--which would give us each about 1.5 glasses each.  It would have been smarter to get the pairings and just not drink very much!  $3 v. $10 per glass...oh well!  (I'm disgusted that I did this math; but you don't want me splitting the bill, because I cannot do a thing in my head).

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ 

My father found a quartet of kittens at his back doorstep. "No!", was my answer when he called and asked if I wanted them. He managed to trap 3 of them in a live trap and took them to the local shelter. On Friday, I tried unsuccessfully to get the 4th one. This little kitten clearly wanted to come to me, but was frightened. Without his brethren, he was both small and utterly alone in the world.

Ask me why I know it is a 'he'.  I now have another kitty. I'll post a pic once I get a good one.  He's on day two in Leisa-land.  I'm keeping him in a large crate with a smaller crate inside.  He has a cat box, food and water.  He is white with a black mask and egg-shaped black splotches.  I'm naming him Malcolm.  Why?  He has a perfect black  'x' on his pink nose.  Every rib and vertebrae can be felt, but his coat is in good shape and his eyes are clear. I will take him to the vet next week.  He's had enough trauma.

He's very friendly, but scared of every noise he hears which is strange to him (and all noises are strange to him).  At least today he will run and then come back out of his hiding place.  He did not do that yesterday and my son and I had to force him out with a broom from behind a bookcase.  My son nabbed him.

He met Ella last night.  She's a calm and gentle dog, and loves both Minnah and Wyatt, my current two cats. They are acting weird, as cats do.  I'm managing introductions carefully.

Here's a pic I just snapped: