Friday, December 30, 2016

New Year

No one is more ready for a New Year than I am.  I'm ready to toss this wretched old thing to the curb.  In addition to personal tragedy, the political silliness and meanness was stressful, sad and exhausting.

If I were to have one wish for the new year, that would be to compel our leadership--no matter which side of the aisle or ideology they stand to embrace the precepts embodied here:

In the time of war
Raise in yourself the Mind of Compassion
Help living beings
Abandon the will to fight
Wherever there is a furious battle
Use all you might
To keep both sides' strength equal
And then step into the conflict to reconcile.

Vimalakirti Nirdesa
I've had this on my Wisdom Page for a long time. I was compelled to come back to it this year.  It is simple.  It is powerful.  It is a singular call to action.  It works at any level of our personal or political lives.