Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Today's chart is SQM.  I picked this up in a chart scan, and I entered a position. This stock has a favorable chart formation on a monthly basis.  The area in green represents the longest volume bar where the price memory may still be strong.

Below is a weekly chart.  I prefer to do my stock scans on a weekly chart as there is less noise.

The chart has made a strong move with pullbacks to the WEMA(21).  It has also pushed through the volume at price bars where the BLUE SKY area, the area I find allows for price to move through easily (chart ether!).  Now, this may not be so, but these short bars tell me that there is not much price muscle memory here $32 - $46.

I found the chart first, and then found the fundamentals.
  • It is a producer of lithium--a favorable commodity in the world of rechargeable everything.  Motley Fool did a write up on them, which you can find here
  • Institutional ownership is less than 20% (per J3SG) -- so there is room for growth here (so long as there is a compelling value proposition.)  (I note that Finviz and J3SG have different Institutional percentages.  I have no idea why.  Finviz notes 43%.  Either one has room for attracting buyers.
I care more about the chart than the fundamentals.  I like this price action, but it is clear that the chart is at a critical juncture.

Anyway, it is worth a look.  I'll update later, hopefully not with a PFFFTTT!