Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Never Get an Internet Only Phone

I don’t have an internet only phone, and today was a reminder as to what a stupid idea that might be.  I write this post sans internet, and that way since 12 pm or so.  I was working remotely---meaning I was home in my less fine clothes—and reliant on the internet to connect me to my work.  Thankfully, I started very early this a.m. and was able to log onto a client’s computer while she was working through something (thank goodness for!) that required my guidance.

I also had brought home a box filled with crap that needed to be gone through.  It was from a client and represented ‘stuff’.  I needed to go through it, so being unplugged helped me winnow my way through the box.  I had file folders and a labeler.  I’m down to a small stack of “stuff”.  I know what it is because I’ve handled it about 10 times more times than the paper experts tell you that you should.  I’m not sure why I cannot make a decision to do anything with it.

The bummer is that there is an important doc in my in box at a client that I’ve been waiting for, and I cannot read it.  I was connected through cell phone and regular phone.  I couldn’t help but reflect on being without a !%%##$#% phone at all had I had only a VOIP connection.  Cable just is no where near as reliable.  I’ve rarely been without phone service—and it was natural disaster related. 

I sold some of my holdings into this strength.  I lightened up on UYM by 1/2 which was up 20%and sold my ERX which was now close to break even.  I have CEF, Great Basin Gold, TGB for gold stocks. My WH is doing quite well.   Here’s an old picture from 03/27—It has recovered from its Acapulco Cliff Diving. 



The other nice thing about this stock is that it pays a very nice dividend.  IN fact they stated recently that they want a payout of 30-40% of profits to go out as a payout.  NOt too shabby.  But, dividends do not mean much if the stock goes south, and that “getting paid to wait” doesn’t mean much if the stock takes a 30% dive.  I believed in the fundamentals enough to hang onto this stock (but too scared to buy more!).  As my holdings are often thinly traded stocks (ahh, the beauty of a small account!), I do not always have stops on them.  I know that goes contrary to what many admonish.  However, for thin issues, you can get shaken out prematurely.  IN reality I guess what I’m saying is that I was too stubborn or stupid to have a stop loss.

Now my internet is working having been out 9 hours exactly.

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