Saturday, May 14, 2011

Notes from my Life: 05/14/11

This place has been a wasteland of late, for which I apologize.  I have experimented with writing a few articles directly for Seeking Alpha.  They have a program that if you submit directly to them, they pay you a penny per page view.  I've written three articles, and they were kind enough to publish all three.  Of all the stuff that I have written over the years, both here and other places, it is the first time that I've been paid for it.  So, it is a bit of a milestone.  If you have an interest in reviewing those articles, you can find them here.

In this interregnum, I was busy helping my daughter purchase a home.  It was not successful.  Everything that could go wrong did--none through any fault of her own.  It was a good lesson for her in negotiations, risks and rewards.  Unfortunately, she had her hopes set on acquiring this property.  Learning to deal with the bitterness of disappointment was a central lesson as well as the perils of dealing with others when they are not engaged in good faith negotiations.  Something we all must learn to do.

I have also been digging out of a pile of undone things that have been accumulating in my life.  Needful things, that bite you in the ass if left undone too long or trip you up if piled about.  Putting stuff in a Goodwill bag was just so difficult.  How does one become inextricably tied to an article of clothing?  I have such a good eye for utility, that the someday/maybe nature of most things in my life make it difficult to let go.  I need to practice non-attachment.. . . and exercise, and better diet.  There is no end of things that I need to improve upon.  At least I confine the practice of that trait to myself, and operational processes!

I hope that your own life matters are in good balance or that you are in a process to restore that balance as well as you can.