Saturday, May 28, 2011

Notes from my Life: Fawn!

I heard that my next door neighbor was caring for a baby deer.  It was found near his pond by a young man who was fishing.  It wasn't a case of the mother depositing it and foraging.  He was dehydrated/starved and had a major tick infestation in his ears. Tim believed that it was no more than a day old, and he was likely a triplet runt left behind.

I wandered over there just now.  They've made a safe enclosure with straw bedding.  As he lay there in the straw (I'll get pic), I marvelled that he wasn't as big as an adult cat. Of course his legs were tucked under him, but even then he is tiny. He is being fed from a bottle.  He enjoys being held, and I got to both hold him and feed him.  They had him inside, and he was laying with Lacy, his lab mix.   Those oft-circulated photos of deer and dogs are no anomalies.

Spring is often a cruel time of year where the helpless emerge into the world and do not find it hospitable. We recently had a wood duck pair make a poor nesting choice, that had no other possible outcome than fatal disaster for the hatchlings.

Since the rapture did not come to pass, I guess the harsh realities of life will come to pass.  Why that person got any air time, I will never know. 

I'll be helping out the Brittany Rescue today, and shuttling a dog a short bit up the road.  It is nice to lend a hand.