Sunday, March 12, 2017

Weekly Sector Update | 03/10/2017

Last week was one where the market broke sharply and recovered. As I am sector-centric here, I want to present the sector moves for the week.

The table below represents the 24 sub industries.  These represent the major divisions under Energy, Financial, etc.  Not much green.

Below are the Top 10 Winners and losers in the  DJUS Subsectors (these are the further division from above).  Note that the first 2 digits number in front of the name corresponds with the industry code above.  So 37228 (Cyclicals Home Constr) falls under the 3700 Personal and Household Goods.

And I have created a weekly chartbook (in ticker symbol order) for your viewing pleasure which you can find HERE. I wish you a good trading and investing week, and I hope that you find this information useful in bird doggin' opportunities.