Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another Busy Week

Just prior to leaving for my client yesterday I received an e-mail from the English Setter Rescue. A lovely girl was in the King William pound and today was the "Day". Times up, out or down. She had a foster, but the foster was up in DC and could not take her until Tuesday.

I found myself writing one of those 'use me as a last resort' e-mails. I was extraordinarily busy, and would have to leave early. I don't have a completely fenced in yard, and English Setters are go-go guys and gals. So all I could think about was all of the obstacles to my getting her--particularly when I had to do a rescue the next day (today). Stepping back away from the obstacles, though, I had to reason with myself, that I literally was the singular intervention in this dog's life on that day--and that felt like a duty. Not a burden, but simply a duty. I hit the send button.

My cell phone rang immediately. As it turned out, another volunteer who could not get her, could overnight her. All I had to do was drive. King William is not very far out. It was about a 40 minute drive. I picked up this BIG girl, who was very reticent, but very sweet (as are most ES's). Driving back into town, I was headed west. I was treated to the most beautiful and luminous of sunsets. It felt like a reward for doing good.

We will have a cold day today to do our work. I like doing these rescues in the cooler (if not cold) months. I don't get overheated, and the dogs do not get overheated. You can service the pups and their crates and stick them right in a vehicle without baking them.

The market has gone no where so it seems. I did get a call from a Merrill Lynch person who had been talking to my client about their investment options for the 401(K). He was going on and on about their experience. And then started talking about how they like corporate bonds and muni's. (I'm sure 2 years ago they liked the CDS's). Generally, he was talking about their 'success'. I had a 'moment' and said, "Well, after all you've done so well on your own account." I don't think that he fully understood my meaning.

Permit my being a little jaded in taking investment vehicle advice from someone who had to have a shotgun wedding.