Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cecil County SPCA

I adopted Daisey from this organization, and I have given them support. I stopped sending any further donations as no one bothered to send me a thank you note. Recently, I was both surprised and disgusted to learn of the many allegations by former shelter workers and volunteers of animal abuse. One of our transport volunteers for my Saturday transport voiced some concerns. Apparently, many have been trying to get their voices heard to get someone to do something. I'll spare you the details. I had to stop reading the affidavit that was forwarded to me after about line 3. The alleged cruelty is unspeakable. Though someone had to speak it to fill out the affidavit. Worse, this person (and others) had to witness it. Worse still, the animals had to experience it.

Hopefully the tenor of the accusations is to the level that something will be done to remove the management of that facilty and return the facility to what it is supposed to be: a shelter.


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I'm sorry, Leisa. Pls keep up the good work
~Sleepless, 1/27

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