Saturday, March 14, 2009


I'm just back from doing a brief run from RIC to Fredericksburg. I took some pups up and came back with Belle, a beautiful English Setter on her way to her forever home. She reminded me so much of my Lucy! We were early to the meet stop (as they were early arriving in F'burg) so I took her for a walk in the rain. It is cold and miserable, but she was happy as cold be. She's has a long trip, so this break was welcome for her. Dogs don't mind the rain!

I've stimulated the economy a bit this week. Today I bought some wine (Oak Grove 2007 Viognier). It has price point of $7.99. I bought a case. It has a 89 pt rating from Wine Spectator. That's terrific value and quality intersect.

After Total Wine I went to Stein Mart. I needed a bit of sprucing up. I need to revive my Fit By Fifty initiative and spruce up that way. Here is is mid March, and I've done nothing since New Year's. Bad, bad, bad.

Last week, I went to Tuesday Morning and bought some prohibitively expensive sheets. But that are beautiful and sumptuous. I also bought a two coverlets. One made out of bamboo fiber which is very pretty. It's been several months since I have bought a thing. I'll be back in guerrilla economic mode. But it was nice to beautify my bedroom a well as myself.

I did buy some BAC at $3.73. I'm just going to forget about. I'll be like the Prince on Citigroup many, many years ago. I still have lots of cash, and I'm not in any hurry to get in fully.