Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday “Stuff”

I’ve written more posts in the last 3 days than the last three weeks!  It feels good to write again.

My husband recently went on a couple of canoe fishing expeditions.  It is not something that we’ve done in a very long time.  He was reminded on how much he enjoyed it.  We have since bought a canoe and went on recon for other items needed. Part of that recon was going to Bass Pro Shops.  Wow! It was one of the most extraordinary shopping experiences I’ve ever had.

The scale of the store is huge, and it is designed to titillate the outdoor enthusiast.  Prices are set accordingly, so I promptly made a list of stuff I needed and surfed the net.  I did make about $100 worth of purchases to include a fishing net, paddle, and a couple of things for the dogs:  a stuffed animal to be shredded and a ‘hyperdog’ ball launcher. 

On the internet, I found some dry bags for the inevitable flip, canoe back seats.  We will likely do some camping, so I’ll need to provision for that as well. 

For longer term readers, you know that I went on a fit by 50 kick.  In just over a couple of weeks, I’ll turn 49.  At last year’s birthday, I committed to this goal.  By January, it seemed to be a faded memory, coinciding with my client work that absorbed all manner of time to the expense of all else. 

I’m ready to embrace the Newtonian law of a body in motion stays in motion and forever remember that a body at rest stays at rest.  I’m starting out simply—I rode my bike.  It was depressing how winded I became so quickly.  But the body responds quickly to exercise, just as the brain responds to the stimulation of learning. 

My post last evening has sparked an interest in my putting in a new stock screener to find bollinger band with lows and highs.  When forced to WRITE the stock screeners, it forces one to THINK about what one is trying to accomplish. The key is to THINK and DO not THINK instead of DO. 


Timothy said...


I'm really liking the %B addition to my charting. Thanks for putting it out there. Two questions though:

1) I see that it somewhat correlates with RSI. Do you have a different way of different way of determining low and high volitily, as opposed to overbought and oversold?

2) Are you able to screen for low %B?

Many thanks, and all the best.

Leisa said...

Hi Timothy.

To your first question....I'm not a good enough TA person to answer it.

To your second question....yes, you can set scan criteria (Stockcharts and Stockfetcher do it and I'm sure other chart services)to look for all manner of BB changes (narrowing, expanding, value e.g. > 1, < 1 etc).

I'm been watching for more integration of it. I was looking this a.m. at the interplay with RSI, but I've no conclusions about it. Your question, though, is terrific, and it makes me want to understand that relationship.

Timothy said...

Thanks Leisa. I use RSI quite a lot, mostly to help me avoid joining the party too late. %B seems to have the same rhythm as RSI, but from what I'm able to see it's better at pinpointing extremes and turns.