Monday, September 28, 2009

Tick Tock

On October 1, my blog will have a three year anniversary. I will also celebrate my 27th wedding anniversary. I've written (including today) 1242 posts. My write rate though suffered a serious downtrend this year with client responsibilities. It's not without a large measure of shame that admit that content has been lacking--largely due to my not feeling that I've a bead on anything in particular. For those of you who have been long time readers, I appreciate so much your coming to this sparsely written corner of the world!

The terrific thing about writing a blog is that you have an instant searchable index of stuff. I've found it very helpful to have that. I'm still a big believer that writing instills discipline to one's thoughts. You have to think about something to get it down on paper in some coherent form. And while my work this year has not been terribly pride inspiring, when I look back at some of my posts, I am proud of that work. Over the course of the next couple of days, I will go through my posts and find a few that I believe are worth reading again.

I still remember this beautiful day in April of 2007 in this post. I was very busy in doing my research early in that year and warning you of systemic risk which will continue to be the best research and work that I've done on this blog. I have a picture of my redbud. Since that date, I've buried Greta (the pretty setter), Mylo and Chloe under that tree. I still have the beautiful Forest Pansy redbud that blog friend (where did he go to?) Mark M recommended. Lucy is under that tree, and it grows more beautiful each year. I will always remember him for that contribution (as well as the infamous woodshed).

The point being (not to sound overly maudlin) is that our blog experience does create real connections. I've an internet friend, Nona2000, who encouraged me to blog. Bill Cara, whose work I've always respected, was also very encouraging to me. Roger Nussbaum's and Tim Knight's blogs are also places where I found my "voice" in addition to the wonderful gang over at Real Money (Rev Shark's blog). I have a deep gratitude for the hosts and the Bloggers who have made my participation there enjoyable.

So, that's kind of my drum roll for October 1.

Mercury stations direct tomorrow. I've know idea what that will bring, and your mileage may vary!


Urszula said...

Had a look @ that April 2007 post.
Those pics are lovely, and when I saw the one of Herm my heart skipped a beat, as Herm looks like my cat Izzie who died 15 years ago.
Congrats on writing 1242 posts.
Your blog is a peaceful place to come & be for a while.

Anonymous said...

An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

Karim - Mind Power

Leisa said...

Hi Ursz...Thank you. I have Wyatt (and is sis, Minnah) now. Who with the exception of a sparse white blaze on his face looks just like Herm. I call him Little Herm..I'm pretty confident that they had the same father.

Donald said...

It has been an interesting and sometimes breath-taking ride on the roller coasters you follow. The New Yorker article this week calls it Rational Irrationality. As you said recently "technical analysis can always find some reason."

Glenn_in_MA said...

Hi Leisa,

Its been a long time since I've been on your site (actually, with no skin in the game it's been a while since I paid attention to anything other than the financial headlines). Anyway, glad to see you're still plugging away. You always have good ideas and interesting insights, and run an excellent blog.
Do you still participate in Bill Cara's "community"? Looks like he was dead on when he started pounding the table to buy, buy, buy...what was it, about a year ago? He may have been a little early or I might be a little off on my memory, but it seems to me he was worth a listen. Unfortunately, as he always said. it's tough to act when the world seems to be crashing all around you.
Okay, I'm thinking of getting my toes wet. That can only mean one thing...the markets will be tanking within weeks of my entry!! lol Well, hopefully not. A lot of my trusted prognosticators seem to be bullish, but I don't plan on getting anything wet until I plunk myself into the bulls camp. Happy Aniversary. Keep up the good work!


PS: I'll be visiting more often.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Leisa! I didn't know you had your own blog. I'm glad to know I'm not the only perplexed investor out there!

By the way, I'm King Berenger on the Slope...

Leisa said...

Hi Donald, I'll look for the New Yorker article.

KarimKing Berenger, thanks for stopping in.