Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Research Day

Yesterday was a research day for me. I'm reading a paper about Hedge Funds and Systemic Risk. I'll post a follow-up based on my incomplete, nascent understanding of the material. It was such a pretty day, that I read on the deck. I wanted to share a few pictures with you.

First, my redbud:

Second, a dogwood in bloom behind my deck. This view is looking back into the woods. My husband's and my first cat, Houston, is buried under this tree.

Here's another picture with a view just to the right of the above picture. The path leads back to the creek behind my home. Lots of wildlife back there--deer, turkey and my favorite....snakes! I saw my first snake yesterday--a garter snake. He was eager to get out of my way. Unfortunately in addition to the harmless garter snakes, puff adders and black snakes we also have copperheads. I know three people who have been bit by them. Unfortunately, we have the perfect habitat. Though rarely deadly, they render a powerful poison that causes much tissue damage.

A picture of my research assistants:

This is Macy (l) and Greta (r). Greta will be 10 this year. Macy will celebrate her first birthday.

Finally, independent counsel:
This is Herm.

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~ Nona said...

I love the flora and fauna that surrounds you. They give your visitors vicarious pleasure.

I live in nestled between... blocks and canyons of concrete, steel and glass. There are, however, small trees planted here and about. They break up the monotony.

PLUS in Manhattan, we definitely have our pets. Some of them are even human.