Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Fantasy Portfolio

I'm in the top 3% now--ranked 26,445. Perhaps I can get a top 10,000 finish.


MarkM said...

Pretty damn solid girl. You'll be getting offers from hedge funds and prop desks next. Then who am I going to spend time with in The Woodshed when I get out of line?

Inches from retiring from the blog sites Leisa. Time for me to do something else. I've been at it for nearly three straight years. I try to help, really I do. As Bill has pointed out I have over 1300 posts at his site alone. "It's been a hell of a party ain't it Woodrow?"

Take care. Keep choppin' that wood.

Leisa said...

Well my latent entry to China Life was ill-timed.

I was busy doing client stuff today, so I forgot to consider whether to pull out and go to cash.

Market seems to be getting a wee bit dicey. Today was stronger than I expected, but with expiry anything seems to happen.