Thursday, April 19, 2007

Asian Markets Selling Off over Night

Today will be an interesting day in the market with the Asian markets selling off rather strongly last evening. If you were to listen to the news, you would think that all was sweetness and light. And the CNBC anchors were absolutely giddy, though I give Bob Pisani credit for tempering that.

What I've noticed during this cycle (I have to say I've not noticed previous cycles having been otherwise engaged), that castigations abound for those with a hand wringing bent (like me). Somehow if you've failed to drink the proverbial this-is-the-greatest-bull-market-ever kool aid, then you are pegged as a contra-weirdo. So be it.

I do regret that I have in my CNBC portfolio China Life. That will likely get hit hard. And I also regret that in my E-trade account I was not able to unload my CBAK (bought with cash, not margin). I think that I have enough short exposure to cover any losses.

1:03 p.m......well look at the market: Strong Like Bull.

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