Thursday, April 12, 2007

Marc Faber

Mark Faber's new post at AME.

I like reading Marc Faber. You can find an abbreviated 'blurg'--hey I'll take a crumb.


russell120 said...

Interesting, but it is probably not much more accurate then reading tea leaves. The probability of off model events alone are huge. And at least with tea leaves you can have a nice cup of tea after its all over.

Leisa said...

I have an acquaintance who manages money and he's a big MF fan. He doesn't like the current market much.

russell120 said...

I don't much like the current market either.

But I do like tea.

Leisa said...

Well, I had an aunt (yeah, and Armenian aunt). I never met her. Her name was pronounced "tock-o-wheat" (or some such). She lived in Canada. My mother and aunt went to see her. She read tea leaves (I swear I do not make this stuff up, and no I've never had tea leaves read!).

She told my mother (who wasn't even dating) that she would be married in a year. She was--yeah, and I know that given my mother's age and the era, that might have been a high probability outcome anyway.

But, I had to share!

russell120 said...

So depending on how one views the causality, we may be here reading your blog today because of a Tea-leaf reading Armenian-Canadian.

Somehow, I find that to be not in the least surprising -LOL.