Monday, April 02, 2007

Red Bud Forest Pansy

Here is the tree that MarkM mentioned. I ordered it today from Greenwood nursery. Look at those exquisite leaves! Being too cheap to spend $100K on a pet mausoleum for my beloved Lucy, I was able to pay $50 and get free shipping (though I had to order a lilac bush too to get >$60). Plus, I got 10% off because I was a new customer and first order.


MarkM said...

Much better looking than that chart of ANPI!

It looks like the leaves have just come out on that one. They turn deep purple tinged with green on my "hermaphroditic" version.

If this financial blog thingy doesn't work out you can always start a gardening one. Can still use The Woodshed in that one too. :)

Leisa said...

Or, I could start writing creepy novels like pet cemetery!

GemmaStar said...


If Leisa drops this blog for a gardening blog, all kinds of new people would show up at The Woodshed.

Quite a party, I'd say.