Wednesday, April 04, 2007

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Anonymous said...

Re: Research Assistants

We have a 10 year old dog and a new puppy on the way in two weeks. How did your senior dog adjust to a new dog in the house? Any advice?

Your post on the Netherworld of Investing captures the conflict I experience with every trade. Keep blogging, you may be perplexed, but your insight is appreciated!


Leisa said...

Miggs--When Macy arrived at our home at 6 weeks (too early--if you can get your puppy at 8 wks better, apparently they get their social skills after the 6th week (I learned this later.) At the time, I had Lucy (13+ who passed in January) who was Alpha Bitch. IF you want to read my post on losing Lucy and see a cute picture of Macy with Lucy go here:
All Macy wanted to do was be close to her big dog friends. I cannot say that Lucy ever really accepted Macy. There was lots of gnashing of teeth, and occasional nips and yelping. But we always closely supervised. Greta wasn't much better, but she allowed Macy to cuddle as you see in that picture. Of course, Macy was much smaller. In fact it is funny to see her now in that same position 6x bigger than when she was a puppy.

In a word--supervised acclimation. I've had dogs my entire life, but never read a book. Maybe you have so excuse my presumption. But if you want a book, do get Leader of the Pack which you can find on Amazon here:

Good luck. Feel free to e-mail me too And thank your visit, post and kind words.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link to the post, I had not read it. Sorry for your loss. My mother adopted an older english setter with a similar personality. The dog was her close companion, unfortunately the dog passed away about six months before my mother passed. Still, all good memories. I find it hard to think ill about any dog my family has had over the years.

You advice for "supervised acclimation" sounds strangely like what I had to do when I brought baby number two home to meet her big sister! ;)

I did dust off my AKC and puppy training books, but I hadn't thought of buying a book about pack behavior. I just ordered the book, I could use a fresh perspective!