Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Fantasy Portfolio or "Do You Think I'm Nuts?

I've had a couple of people surprised that I have put all of my money on ANPI.

First--Do you think that I'm nuts?

Second--The portfolio that I shared was the CNBC Fantasy Portfolio. Confession: When I went back and I looked at my post, I see that I didn't include the CNBC graphics. They've just been nattering about the contest for so long I thought that when I referred to the portfolio as my Million Dollar portfolio that was clear. No wonder you think I'm nuts!

Third--I don't have a million dollars. If I did, and I showed it to you, that would be gauche.

Fourth: My rank is 227K and change. Oh boy!


russell120 said...

I had considered you are nuts, but ANPI was not part of that consideration.

The CNBC contest is completely unclear to me. However, I did actually pick Florida to win the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship. Of course they were the only part of the final four that I got right: but we must take our winners as they come.

I will still speak/type to you now that I know you do not have a million dollars.

Leisa said...


"I had considered you are nuts, but ANPI was not part of that consideration."

I'm filled with a warm glow from that statement!