Friday, April 06, 2007

Martin Goldberg's Market Close

Financial Sense on Line has a number of interesting contributors. I've mentioned before, that they are handwringers--perhaps for very good reasons, as I agree with all of them.

Martin Goldberg is a technician--I particularly enjoy reading his market closes. You can find his most recent one here.

It's worth a look.


Gemma Star said...

I found Goldberg's comments really interesting. These sentences jumped out for me:

"Similarly, the long term trends of the Dow Jones Industrials’ trading volume are quite thought provoking. Whereas in 2000 the weekly trading volume of the DJIA 30 averaged 500 million shares, it now trades over 4 times as many! This is quite remarkable. I don’t know the long term price implications of such increases in trading volume, but it doesn’t smell too good to me. The one definite conclusion is that if price is determined on the margin, then price is not being determined by long term investors. Accordingly, it’s a “Pro’s” market and long term “investors” should know that they are not “investing.” Not in this market."

Read that again, kids.

More and more I'm beginning to think it's getting to be a very good time to "go to ground." So even before May arrives, I may sell and go away.

On the other hand, maybe there are some other views that I should be paying attention to -- the kind that will entice me to stay at the party a bit longer. Anyone?

Leisa said...

Well if you want to be enticed--watch Larry Kudlow! The economy is great, the stock market is great; Bush is a demigod!

The people that I respect and trust are starting to get cautious. George Dagnino has a terrific track record and he was a go a the bottom last summer--his analysis has proven right. And, that his view was different than my own ignorant one, then I know that I'm not just choosing him because he agrees with my view.

Leisa said...

And to see sweetness and light in the future, see the Bloomberg article above--reaction to the fantastic (almost incredible) job growth numbers.

Gemma Star said...

Say what you want about Larry Kudlow, the truth is...he's been right!!

Now if HE turns bearish....

Anonymous said...

here's another good podcast find...from the Wall Street Examiner.

Leisa, I bet you've found this one already.

Good discussions on liquidity.


Leisa said...

Glenn--Thanks for this link. I've not listened to these guys before. It's terrific.

I'm waking up to snow this a.m. rather than WWIII!

Techno Dummy said...

Techno Dummy here:

I've been visiting this site for a while, ever since a friend told me about it. I visit most of the links, which I know how to click on.

But how do I listen to a podcast?

I copied Glenn's link into my browser, but didn't know what to do once I got to the site. Do I have to subscribe to something first to listen to podcasts?

If anyone has time to tell me where to find this information in a way that is jargon-free and written in plain English, not techno-speak, I would be most grateful.