Tuesday, April 24, 2007


This a.m. I see that Jim Cramer has hailed HERO as a buy. I owned THE when it was announced that HERO would buy it. I then bought HERO calls (and then later stock) when it plunged on that news. Last week, I unloaded HERO and BAS; but I continued to watch the 'action'. Both were recovering, and I entered HERO at about .50 more than where I had closed my position. My 500 shares have a basis of $27.8759. The current bid is $28.28. The stock traded after hours as high as $29. I don't understand why people buy/sell illiquid stocks after hours based on JJC's recommendation. Though, I have to admit many people act on his mere utterance. I'll not lament being able to go along for the ride.

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