Friday, May 07, 2010

Did you feel like this?

I remember the 500 point drop on the Dow a few years ago. That was a harrowing thing to watch. Yesterday at 2:46 p.m., I received a call from a client. I was watching the screen, I said, "The market is crashing as we speak." He graciously asked, "Do you need to go?" I didn't. I have no idea what I would have done, but I watched my SIJ which I hold in size in one account zoom up.

While on the call, I could see the market reverse. SIJ at one one point had both a bid/ask in a couple of pennies of $1.14--it had been trading. Here's a screen shot

Nasdaq has a list of stock trades that will get busted if it occurred within that 2:40 time frame through 3 p.m. You can find the list here.

I leave for Vegas on Sunday to meet Tim Knight, from the Slope of Hope, in addition to other of my on-line friends who are dear to me but who I've never met. Tim's blog was one of my first blog homes several years ago. I had the opportunity to help him out when he was in France. I appreciated that my blog still remains a personal space.

My husband will be accompanying me and he is scouting out some speed-induced thrills. My husband is an avid dirt-bike rider --still at age 54. Our last visit to Las Vegas, he did an 8 hour d-b ride in the dessert with a world class rider, David Dunn. Unfortunately, in looking to do that again, in search for David, I found his obituary. My husband's time with David that day "pegged his fun meter." So, there will be a bittersweet memory there.

I hope that your trading is going well, and that yesterday didn't wig you out too much!