Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekly Sector Update: 05/14/10

The market had a bounce last week, with the DJUS Total Stock Market Index advancing 2.74%. There are 148 subsectors. You can easily see the top/bottom performers by going to the WSJ industry page.

Below is a 1 week performance view for the 10 best/worst performing subsectors (industries):

(data courtesy of WSJ).

You can find this information for a number of time periods, and it it updated daily. It's a great way to perform an end of the day review and wrap your head around the market action beneath the indices. I've created a full report of the 148 sectors sorted by weekly performance along with the weekly/daily charts of the 24 broad sectors here. You will need to rotate the chart pages counter clockwise for easy viewing.

My individual charts use a 13/34 period exponential moving average. I'm interested in the relationship of these two lines to each other (e.g. is the 13 moving toward or away from the 34?) and the relationship of price to these two lines. I included thumbnail sketches of all 24 sectors so that you can see all of them at a glance. Stockcharts uses a 20/50 moving average that is not editable in this thumbnail view. The same concept is at work though--short moving averages v. longer moving averages and the price relative to those. Currently all 24 sectors see price action below the 20 period and 8 of the 24 sectors have the 20 day below the 50 day.