Saturday, June 12, 2010

Feels like Summer...........

A scorcher of a day in Virginia. I did my usual dog transport. (This is Macy, my dog).  It was a miserable day for all of them...except in the cool of the a/c in the car. . . and the fact that they get to go to a safe place.  Lots of nice dogs.  We had two escapees--that were quickly nabbed.  One slipped out of a collar and the other gnawed through a lead. 

We see e-mails from time to time of dogs slipping from rescuers.  Our group has never lost one.  But we've been close, and it is just terrifying.  Remaining calm helps and not giving chase. 

This little pup to the right had 5 siblings...  They went to Janet's Rescues in Stafford along with their mother.  She runs adoption events through the Petsmart up there.  The economy has made for a slowing adoptions.

I red convertible with two young women was ahead of me.  It had a vanity plate:  CUM GZLR

I was trying to figure out the "see you" angle, and then the reality of the plate hit me.  I cannot believe that DMV let that one get by it.  Though I'm no prude, that goes beyond the bounds of good taste.  I realize now what I wrote, and I'm going to let it stand.  Geez..

I will likely file a complaint, on behalf of all of the moms/dads of precocious spellers who are try to figure out those plates.  "Hey Mom, what does that plate spell?" Oh, it says, "see you"  ARRGGHHH, we need to exit here we need gas.

You cannot make this stuff up.