Saturday, June 26, 2010

Notes from my life

As my readers know, I do dog rescue transport.  Shortly I will be leaving with husbando in tow (he does not do this with me). We will pick up two English Setter girls and take them on a short drive to Fredericksburg.  They are heading for a pajama party in PA, and then will resume their travels tomorrow to their adoptive/foster homes in RI and CT respectively.

Our weather has been hateful, and I helped my regular transport out today at the handoff.  The picture to the left is of some very young puppies from a transport about a month ago.  It was a difficult transport because the mother dog was spooked.  She grabbed a pup and did not release.  He fainted.  I thought he was dead.  He revived quickly.

I'm happy to report that the mom and her pups were quickly adopted.  I'm happy to know that my little bit of help along the way has these good outcomes.  I wanted to share a couple of pics with you.  Here are the pups romping happily at their foster home.  The black and white guy with the ball is in the very top of the first photo.  This photo just makes me laugh!  Jaunty little pups!

Here is another dog, Cloey, playing tug of war with the pups.

And finally, here is Cloey, with Max, the black and white dog form the other two pics.  Max was adopted into this home:

It sure made my day to get these pics.  I hope that you enjoyed them too!

Wait, wait, there is more.

On Friday, I was able to visit with two of my dearest friends, Bill and Lynne.  We had a leisurely day going to the Barboursville Winery (Palladio).  I think that we laughed to loudly and earned reproachful looks from one table and approving looks from another.  Well, WE had fun. These are the only two people in my life that can make me laugh until I cry.   I was wiping tears from my eyes.  Here's a pic of us freshly sated and saturated.  Bill, Lynne, Leisa (l-r). 

I don't normally have 4 glasses of wine during the day.  Lynne was our designated driver.  I went home and went to bed.  Here's a few more pics.  Here's a stylized pic of the flower pot.

Here's one of the two horses nearby.  I remembered him from last year.  His feet were in poor shape and needed trimming.  He was a nice boy.

Now off for round two of today's canine duty.