Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekly Sector Report | 06/18/10

The bears were on vacation like this ursine store fixture (but a real bear in his/her former life) at Bass Pro Shops. The store is a marvel, and I can report that there were no taxidermied bulls.

 The broad market index was up 2.33%  with Basic Resources, Basic Materials and Chemicals leading the way.  Below is the graphic of the 24 broadest sectors in relation to the broad market index in blue.


(click to enlarge)

Underneath these 24 broad sectors are 148 subsectors as defined by Dow Jones. Here are the Top 10 winners/losers for the week.

Source:  WSJ Industry Tracker

I have created a chart book with the weekly/daily charts that you can find HERE  which includes the detailed list of 148 sectors sorted in order of performance.

Keep your trading wits about you and focus on your disciplines, not the opinions of others.