Monday, December 06, 2010

Weekly Sector Report | 12/03/10

Last week was a week for the bulls as they managed gains in all sectors. The broad market index was up 2.9%. Here's a look at the weekly sectors at a glance (click on all images to enlarge)

The total stock market index has been flat over the last 4 weeks.  It is both overbought, and it is approaching levels that will have technical and fundamental analysts doing some head scratching.

I'm also including a chart of the $NYA with the advance minus decline 10 day moving average.  It is still pointing upward.  This last advance is with fewer (ema of 400 net new highs) than the last advance (ema of 670 new highs) in early November.

I've created a chart book for you.  As the end of the month was during the week, it includes monthly charts.  It is a large pdf, so please be patient with the download.