Sunday, December 26, 2010

Winter Wonderland

The snow is still coming down.  Always a special type of quiet.  The dogs went out for a romp.  How they love the snow.    Bird feeders make good (though unintentional) sport for bird dogs.  I finally had to bring Daisey in.  She had ice balls on her feet, sides and her legs.

The birds are a bit frantic.  We have grackles (or blackbirds, I cannot tell which) that have come in in droves. They are not molesting the other birds, so everyone has something to eat.   Daisey was making the rounds to the three feeders, yipping and having a big time.  The feeders are far enough apart and she makes enough noise that the birds eat just fine. We have juncos, tufted tit mice, mourning doves, purple finches, gold finches (though not gold yet), cardinals, downey woodpeckers, and nut hatches.  However, once she hunkered down in the snow at one feeder, it was time for her to be herded inside.  She and the birds needed a break.

I needed a break too. It is cold out.  I shoveled the sidewalk this morning.  Mark was out with the snow plow on the Wheelhorse.  He's been working on that a couple of days, so it was good to give it a maiden run.  I cleaned the vehicles off.  With holiday prep, I'm severely off my exercise regimen.  Tromping through the snow, shoveling and sweeping was good energy expenditure.  With all the holiday meals and temptations (that I've not bothered to resist), my energy cup energy expenditure is a good thing.