Sunday, April 12, 2009

Computer Mayhem

After spending  productive day getting necessary work completed, I found that this a.m. that my computer is having some issues.  It wants to reinstall Microsoft.  I have no use of OUtlook or other Windows programs.  I’m currently trying to install from a Maxtor backup my program files.  I’m not comforted that I’m getting some messages from Maxtor that certain of the files cannot be restored.

I’m also getting on exit update software for Windows, that seemingly does not want to update.  Strange—but I’m always suspicious about the amount of invasiveness that we have on product registrations and updates and the like. Seems to me that they are getting too much information.  That statement is coming from someone who is not terribly conspiratorial in her thinking.

We rely on this stuff until we can’t, and then our lives go into a bit of a tailspin.  This feels like a virus attack, though I’ve plenty of inoculation.  Not being able to open Outlook, or use any my Work/Excel files is not a happy circumstance.

I do so like this Windows Live for the Blogger interface.  It makes inserting pictures and stuff so much more easier.

I now have to redo my daughter’s taxes as my daughter and my husband share the same first initial and that is how TurboTax saves your file.  Yes, the dummy warning came up, but I thought it was because I had already saved the current return previously, so it did not seem like much of a warning.

At least her taxes are simple.  I was able to download all of my stuff from Fidelity and Ameritrade.  So, I’ll slog hers out as I wait an pray for a restoration.  I go to by stepmom’s who if fixing a wonderful Easter lunch.  Then it will be off to a client. 

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