Saturday, April 04, 2009

A Long Week

My work schedule has become brutal. I've been MIA in aspects of my life to include my blog.

On April 1, my son turned 18. I'm officially the mom of two adult children. We celebrated by going to Outback. I had two gift certificates. The four of us managed to eat enough to exactly use the the $75 gift card. I gave the waiter a $20 tip. The cards didn't cost anything.

I met my family there. I ordered a margarita. It was not any good. I needed a good drink more than I needed a good meal!

My schedule has taken me away from the daily market moves and news and the like. I still watch charts, but for a fractional amount of time. I'm pulling this chart up because it contains lines that I have not updated in a very long time. I think that being able to spot a topping pattern is one of the singular best things that one can learn in the market. This happens to be a rather beautiful one in its symmetry.

You know my fondness for Chinese stocks. Here's one that I have. It has been a attractive performer. They are a biodiesel producer.

AZC has been a phenomenal performer for me. It is at a point where it might fail. Not trusting the advance, I sold into successive rallies. I'm down to 1/3 position, and it is up 2.5x my purchase price. It house money that I do not want to burn down in a conflagration or renewed fears on the economy.

Sector ETF's: While the sector levered ETF's are an easy way to invest, I'm of the mind that finding decent chart patterns (if one is so inclined, as I am), is a better way to capture some quick moves. I'm still in UYM and UYG, but I did far better with my BAC flip than had I gone into UYM more deeply. Since I'm in chart mode, I'll present these.

That volume is pretty phenomenal is it not? I have a small position. You can see that AZC has powered beyond the ETF. AZC will have about 10% of the US copper reserves once its Rosemont facility is completed. They recently did a private placement with a mining investor @ 1.50 for some shares that included one share of common and one option to buy a share at $2.30. You can read about them here.

My security themed play is NSSC. This chart is not in a great mode in terms of volume. But, I bought some anyway in a couple of tranches.

Do you see that very long line in March? That should be a reminder to you that you do not place market orders for thinly traded stocks.

I'm still 93 %and 73% cash in my tow main accounts. Both accounts are at all time highs. I'm being methodical and selective--that I'm working 12 hours a day helps ensure that I don't jump in and do something stupid.

I think that the greatest gift from sidestepping a bear market is that psychologically, one doesn't feel the need to 'catch up'. And to provide one of my body blows, I present WH. The purple line is my buy point. I still believe that energy is important to the Chinese, and that this provider of tubular steel products will benefit from that drive. That they have cascaded downward along with the balance of the energy services complex is not a surprise given the belt tightening.

No dogs today......just work.

My red buds are blooming. I'm now in the second year of my forest pansie red bud blooming that is the grave marker for Lucy. One of my original blog readers MarkM suggested this red bud. It has done well in its location. My more mature redbud has a radius of pet corpses below it: Greta, Mylo and Chloe. I hope to not be doing any more digging for a while. I may find myself under one of those trees to in the distant future!

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