Saturday, August 08, 2009

Saturday Post

Today is bit of atonement for not volunteering much over these last few months for dog transport. I did a quick jig to Fredericksburg from Richmond.  But in a bit, I’ll need to drive to Emporia and take—count them –four—English Setters from Emporia (1.25 hours south from me) to Fredericksburg.

I hope they all get along. 

Duke rode shotgun with me today.  He was a lovely boxer gent who’s health was poor.  Mange and starvation.  Sweet as can be and better days a head.  Thankfully, most dogs we see are in good shape.  So the transports are uplifting, not heartbreaking. 

One of my book club members (and married to another book club member) transitioned this week.  She was only 53 years old.  She was a very beautiful person, with an open, loving heart. Unfortunately, her heart was not strong, and she died from complications of heart valve surgery.  Her life was filled with many battles, but she always had kindness and grace.  We can learn much from these special people on whom life unfairly leans.  Sometimes they break, but the ones who bend with the load, find the song in their heart and the courage of their voice teach us much about both endurance and vulnerability.  I am glad that I was able to hear her song.

I’m not sure what the market’s song is.  My ear has not been tuned in for that, and to be sure it has leaned hard on those who have not been listening.

Today, is just a day of service to others. 


Urszula said...

The last line, Leisa. It resonates.

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