Monday, July 21, 2008

FINVIZ Feature Highltight: ETF's

Hornet's Nest
Gregg Robinson

You can look at the universe of ETF's by going here:

You can go to the top of the right hand column and choose different views. It's a great visual as well as data display.

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nice said...

I have to agree that FINVIZ is a really nice find Leisa...


Weak effort by bears to pull the market back today... tomorrow's another day

Many short term trading indicators have been behaving the reverse of how they usually do over the past 10 days - as the market 'intervention' occured.

The TICK goes down as the market rises- but all of a sudden goes up as the market falls.
But overall the market rises...

Ditto for the TRIN (it's reversed for it actually)

So very strange...

Many bears were citing this as a reason to stay out of the market if the TRIN was rising.... etc..

However TRIN is just an indicator (and not that good of a one at that IMO)

Fom my perspective what I have seen is that the market has been 'crossed' the last week.

By this I mean that everyone is trading to 'fade the market'
But no one side is committed to the next move...

However because of the raid on the shorts and possible transactions occuring in off-index pools (dark or otherwise) - arbitrage comes into play forcing buying at the least likely times.

Certainly odd - and some caution is warranted - however having blindly stayed out of the market because one didn't like the action of the TRIN or some other such indicator - shows you that you should 'trade the market' - not the indicator.

All IMHO and I may be wrong about the odd action...

But worth discussing none the less ... as this is quite unusual market behaviour.