Saturday, July 12, 2008

Looking to Nature for Remedies

When you think that you've had a bad day, think of this fellow. Long-time readers will recognize this picture. It is a tomato hornworm (from my garden and my pic). If you've grown tomatoes you will know that this is a ravenous fellow. He works quickly with great intention and can strip a tomato plant overnight.

Nature is clever in her bringing great balance to her purview. A predator of the tomato hornworm is the braconid wasp. The wasp stings the hornworm and lays eggs. The larvae feast on the insides of the hornworm and then create cocoons, the white things that you see in the picture, when they are ready to pupate. As you can see from the holes at the end of these cocoons, the cocoons have sprung their inmates.

We've had the equivalent of HBB's who have served as ravenous money caterpillars gobbling up the capital of their clients. I hope that we can create the equivalent of a braconid wasp in our regulatory and/or justice system.

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