Friday, July 25, 2008

A Picture from the Past

Asian Mist
Nadine Rippelmeyer

Moody's Magazine
The Monthly Review
for Investors, Bankers and Men of Affairs
Edited by Byron W. Holt

It is designed to serve the investor, the banker, merchant and man of affairs in an attractive and popular, but not superficial way. In this respect it is original and unique and occupies a formerly unoccupied field. Briefly, it gives, in plain, simple language, the gist of all important news; it looks inside and outside of reports; it does not suppress or color information; it is the organ of no corporation or interest; it does not publish advertisements as news matter; it does not sell its editorial columns to its advertisers; its editorials are fearless and truthful, but not malicious; it is independent; it has no private pull rope from the business office to the editorial desk; it is fair and honest with its subscribers and advertisers, and it deserves the support of all honest investors.

The above is from the advertisement page of a 1906 book called the The Pitfalls of Speculation by Thomas Gibson. You could have subscribed to this quarterly for $3 per year.

My neighbor, JS, came by this evening. He lives across the street. When we moved out here, he and his wife were in their early to mid forties. We were in our twenties. That was 23 years ago. His mother, Mrs. S., lives a couple of doors down from JS. She's very elderly. She's cleaning out her photos and had one of Lucy and Greta. Ms. S loves dogs, but once her own lab died, she did not get another dog. So she 'adopted' my two in a way.

Mrs. S always had treats for the dogs--much of it stuff that I would most likely not give them. Lucy would walk my son down to the bus stop (about .25 miles away), just in front of her home. Lucy would then go to my Mrs. S's home for a treat. She would then go to the B's for a treat--it was a ritual. Greta, on a different schedule,would go visit Mrs. S. for the day. JS told me this evening his mom had a bed fixed up for her. I didn't even know it for the longest time. My kids would tell me that she would come from that direction every day around 4 p.m. I was quite moved to see the picture of my two beloved, departed dogs. I'm glad that Greta gave this sweet woman such pleasure.

I'm glad that it is the weekend. Seems like the banks are still in their price discovery mode. What a mess.

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