Monday, December 01, 2008

A. M. Post

We had a cold weekend, with Sunday being not only cold but wet. I did a dog transport on Saturday. I arose very early,though, and cleaned off my desk. I've not done very well with my resolutions for keeping my desk clean each week. At least I'm exercising regularly!

The traffic was manageable at the beginning, but I could see as I was headed south from Fredericksburg that the South==> North traffic picked up mightily. We had several tethereds which was a handful. One dog slipped out of it's collar, another broke his collar and yet another chewed through his lead. Fortunately, these were very gregarious dogs rather than future parolees, so we were able to get them under control. I actually put one of Macy's retired collars on a very strong Chow.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day doing gold stock research. There does appear to be some significant institutional accumulation in some of these names. Certainly these stocks have been decimated along with the rest of the market AND they've fallen more than gold. Frank Barbera was on FSO, and he seems to think that gold will be entering another bull market, and he thought that this rally might have some legs. We'll see, I suppose.

Tim Wood believes that the 9-year cycle in gold has peaked. Two smart folks on either side of a transaction. You can see Tim's article here.

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