Friday, December 19, 2008

Not All Wild Hairs

are worthwhile. I had this idea that I would experiment with an audio recording of the book, Anatomy of the Bear: Lessons from Wall Street's Four Great Bottoms (2nd edition), by Russell Napier. As I'm 1/2 through the book with many flags, I thought that recording would be easier. So much for thinking. I had planned on doing other recordings, but I can think/write better than I can think/talk.

Nevertheless, I made a recording which you can listen to HERE. [Well, I just clicked on this and it told me I had a 1 hour download. That ain't going to work....stay tuned for the written word.

I have a very long day tomorrow on the volunteer transport. I ended up renting a small SUV as we were one driver short. I may end up having to drive from my home to EMporia all the way up to Springfield. It is an all day drive, and I have to leave early.

As you know, I have a fascination with Chinese stocks. That market has been pummeled. Some of these stocks are trading at less than the cash price per share. I'll share with you a few of my purchases. IF you click on the ticker you'll be transported to FINVIZ. If you click on the graphs, your eyes will thank you.

Here's BEST. They make food and anti-counterfeiting film. My thesis is that with the oil prices down, their COGS ought to decrease. Further, these guys would be tied into internal consumption. There is lots to like except for the stock action since I bought it.

Here is CNTF: The action in this has been very positive--it went up a ridiculous amount today. It's very extended. I'm up 30%. I have 3000 shares of this, big spender that I am!

MTE: I liked the volume patterns. It may end up being a dog, but for now the tail is wagging.

STV: This company announced today a special $1.00 dividend.

WH I've been following this stock for a while. It s a tubular steel maker. Every one of the tubular steel makers in the US was purchased. Now this tubular steel is for oil production.....though we are in a severe downturn, I believe that energy is near and dear to China's heart. I liked the spike in the volume and that hit is holding here. (Also, no debt).

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