Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A. M. Post

I had a late evening last night. My Am. Bulldog mix, Macy, had a tumor under her right arm. It was removed last Thursday and required several stitches. I've been checking her stitches from the front to ensure there was no swelling/bleeding. Last evening, I asked Mark to help me look at it more fully. Well, I found a gaping hole. The stitches look intact from the front, but---looks can be deceiving.

Naturally, I performed this examination 1 minute prior to my own vet closing at 8 p.m. I had to trek down to the emergency vet. When I called, they said they were not busy. Within the 30 minute drive, it seemed like Happy Hour! Though I've been watching Macy to ensure that she was not pulling her stitches, the vet felt that she had licked them off as the skin was swollen. They had to re-cut to get a clean edge and resew. She was a very good patient.
3.5 hours and $260 later I was home. But 11:30 is far beyond my bedtime. I still rose at 5:30 a.m. Perhaps a little more caffeine jump start............

Last evening, Macy was quiet on the bed, and there was no licking. I was watching TV and watching her, and then realized that she was licking again--almost surreptitiously. She now is sporting a Virginia Tech tee shirt. It seems to be working. I'll have to watch. One definitely meets some interesting dogs and people in the emergency vet office.


russell1200 said...

VA Tech loses the ACC Football championship and already VA doggies find the taste of them so foul they won't lick VA Tech imbued cloth: amazing.

I did not watch the game.

But I find it amazing that VA Tech could score 23 points without an offensive touchdown. Two interceptions run back for a touchdown will do that.

Leisa said...

Russell...this is a shameful post! I didn't see the game. I never watch college football, though at VT I attended every single game (at home).

I had a colleague who was also a VT graduate. He travelled often to games. He was unable to talk after attending a bowl game in which he was screaming so consistently and loudly he injured his vocal chords!

russell1200 said...

How is she doing?

I am a NC State alum, and took at all very seriously when younger. I am still going to pull for the home team,but refuse to take it all very seriously.

Leisa said...

R---the shirt has continued to work. I also noted that when it slipped off, she was scratching underneath her arm (with her hind leg). I believe this is probably what happened to undo the stitching. Had she licked it, I would have seen it from the front.

Thanks for asking.