Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bird Doggin'

Please click on the picture to view this artist's work at

Given that I'm slumming, that also means that I'm trying to connect some random dots that mean only that I'm doing my usual random pattern of "oh, this is interesting" that will lead to an "Oh!" That means Bird Doggin' in honor of my beloved Lucy. I've not flushed and pointed out anything new and interesting for you in a while, so I'm trying to make up for some lost ground.

Okay...maybe I will not get the big "Oh!", but I'm giving my starved brain some inputs from which POSSIBLY to gain some future traction that will lead to who knows what.

I was reminded to visit f. W. Engdahl's 'space' which you can find here. In doing so, I came across this series of Real News interviews which you can find here. I liked it so well I became a contributing member. You can find The Real News Network here.

A few things perhaps off your beaten path?


Glenn_in_MA said...

Here is a link loaded with possible "inputs"

I found out about it recently through a link at Fleck's site...and he recommended it too!

The topics might dovetail with some of what you're reading at Engdahl's site. And MadHedge has a good sense of humor!

Leisa said...

Glenn...thanks for the link! I've some DAG.