Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A Note from the Beach

Greetings from Hatteras. I'm thankful for my picture from a couple of years ago so that I have a memory of the sun. Though our travel day was beautiful, the weather has been iffy. I've been awake now for an hour (and it is 4:41 a.m. now) because of the blowing wind. I would have been an insomniac at Wuthering Heights.

We did have happy hour on the beach last evening. Fishing was out of the question, as the water was rough. I used yesterday to reposition some stuff (I had some OCT SPY calls that I wanted to close). While all eyes have been on the indices, there are still charts that look decent. I have a small theory that the SPY could remain supported by virtue of some healthy sector rotation. But you know that I like to watch sectors v. the indices. A small confessional, though....I've spent a bit more time watching the indices, and that has not been good for my results.

I've been expecting the dollar to bounce, but.... Expectations, while necessary, are not always met! Gold seems to have everyone in a lather. I'm finding that I'm doing more fence sitting than anything else. I'm trying to NOT be overly anticipatory....and scrolling through some charts makes me feel that much of the advance is supported by stocks that are forming healthy bases.

The wind is blowing so hard, I can feel the house shake, and the water in my water bottle is moving from that.

It has been good to see Glenn and MarkM in the comments section.


Glenn_in_MA said...

Yes, it's good to be interactive again!

Agree that "Earnings + guidance will be key".

Layering that over the technical situation is what bothers me. The indices are right up against the resistance zone defined by the free-fall from a year ago. Going to take a lot of firepower to get through that zone...and that firepower may very well exist if the "V" recovery story continues to hold. As always, should be interesting how this unfolds.

Anonymous said...

I know you are sunning yourself L, but BR has a Martin Armstrong piece that is getting some comments. Thought you may want to take a peek at that and the links.....