Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Morning Post

Gold has broken out. Here's the chart:

The highlighted sections are the inverse head and shoulders points, and the line being the neckline which has been penetrated with decent volume. I have one gold holding: GBG.

I had this misguided (apparently) idea that the USD was oversold. I positioned for a bounce. Oh, we got it, but I failed to close out my positions (SMN/EDZ). My gain evaporated into a loss.

I'm reminded that I thought that UNG had bottom. Ahh...stupid stock tricks.

I'm still in a bit of a head scratching mode on the dollar v. the US stock indices. I understand that the weakening dollar helps multinationals as they get an FX tailwind in the translation (foreign sales are valued higher even if there is not a unit increase). However, for most dollar-centric companies with costs and sales denominated in dollars, I do not see that relationship. Why would they be more valuable when on a dollar valued basis they are losing on a relative basis to others? There's a dissonance there--and I've learned to pay attention to dissonances.

My less than 5 year old Fischer Paykel died and ingominious death. With two drawers and poor design that spells one thing: double trouble. Too expensive to fix. I ended up getting a Miehle (La Perla) . Top line at about a 22% discount + no sales tax for the 3 day Energy Star no sales tax holiday. I could not find one negative thing said about Miehle other than the expense. It was $1900. Far more than I would have cared to spend. But I cook alot; and a dishwasher is a heavily relied upon piece of equipment. Since I don't have a maid....I don't mind paying up. I do have a Miehle vacuum cleaner. Powerful. Quiet.

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