Tuesday, September 09, 2008

FINVIZ Features


FINVIZ has a couple of new features: 3D view

The other feature is an archive, but I'm not sure that I "get it".


Anonymous said...

Some would argue that the final asset class in a bubble is the U.S. Treasury market.

baronadv said...

you are certainly missed at the rm blog. you sound great tho lol

Leisa said...

Anon--Yes, I've thought the same, too, on bonds. It almost feels like there is no 'safe' place.

Baronadv--please give everyone my best. I'm not able to log anymore, even though cust service gave me a new sign on. But I kept getting a stupid message. I've stopped trying! Hope you are well!

StrasserTalk said...

I had a similar incident with RM, & whose cust serv gave no support. I found I can post using IE, but not mozilla. Try that and hope to see you there. Trady

Leisa said...

TL--Thanks for the advice. HOpe your trading is going well.

StrasserTalk said...

Leisa, not doing much except for MER short... keep shorting and covering (no trust o/night)... rest cash; plus some family here for a week.