Thursday, September 04, 2008

Girls, Girls, Girls!

I was looking at Asian Times on line and I saw these ads. There's a point here....

The Nikkei Market is tanking, down 322 as I write. I tried to listen to Gary K, but someone loaded the 08.21 tape. Perhaps tomorrow it will be correct.

I missed most of the ugliness. But it was a good day to be out.

In another forum, someone stated that they thought that Sarah Palin's daughter's pregnancy reflected poorly on Palin's values. I have to say that prior to my having children, I had this sense that if kids were f'ups, it was the parents' fault. After the manifold time of saying (most particularly to my son), "I didn't raise you to say/think/act this way." A million prior false judgments come to roost when you have kids of your own.

There's a point in time when we parents cease to have influence over our kids (there are studies to confirm this fact that every parent knows). If kids are miscreants, mendicants or deviants, does that really reflect OUR values? (Assuming that we didn't beat, molest or otherwise harm our children growing up).

Adolescents are a randy bunch--it's life's way of ensuring that there will be progeny. A lackluster, when-I-feel-like-it sex drive is liable to spell doom for the future of that genus/species. Accordingly, Nature made sex first and foremost on the mind of our young people (most particularly our men-folk).

I think that Palin's daughter and beau understand that actions have consequences. Seems to this pair of eyeballs that they are facing those consequences within the parameters of their values: supportive family, marriage and life for the unborn child. In the past, unfortunate girls were sent away, shunned by their community and their family. What sort of values does that behavior imply? Kids are going to have sex even though they know there will be consequenced. But it is like the drunk driver or the smoker--it's going to happen to someone else.

Someone always has to be the statistic. I doesn't mean that their behavior was abnormal, but that it was their turn to be an unfortunate statistic. And Palins' family is doing what families ought to do--bear up under hardship and provide love and support. Providing love and support does not mean that you condone the behavior. Quite frankly, the manner in which this has been handled garners quite a bit of respect from me (and I say that as a partyless observer).

And if we didn't care about sex, then all of the ads on the Asian Times website would not be for sex (or the promise of). I think that there was a belly fat one too....but we all know why folks want to get rid of belly fat. (Personally, I want to get rid of mine so my clothes fit---but hey, if it makes me a sex magnet, then so be it!).

And....I have to say, if McCain could make good on a promise of "ending partisan politics" that sure is eye catching. But is it possible. I don't know, but my ear is a bit more tuned in than it normally would be.

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sysin3 said...


choices happen, consequences happen.

sometimes for good, sometimes for ill.

most especially, when we are younger, our choices might not terribly well thought out. well, how could they be ? young people do not yet have much life experience.

i agree that Palin and her family are handling this well (not that they care what i think, nor should they). i just feel sorry for the poor girl, thrust into the public eye this way.

no parent who is worth the air he or she breathes could ever reject a child because of the child's actions.

disagree, yes. reject, no.