Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fit by Fifty Update

I've just completed Week 5. The time has flown by. Here's my record keeping on my progress using my minutes in cardio, points and average Z-factor (my cardio zone). Aerobic Zone would equate to 3. My fitness level does not allow me to work in that zone comfortably, YET. My goal is to be there in another three weeks.

I recovered from my over-training from WK2. I tapered on WK3/4. I then increased my intensity on Wk5. My minutes went up marginally, but I was able to increase my intensity to finish with 2.25 for the week. I'm going to add one more workout (last week I did 4) at the same intensity. I plan to do 5 workouts in the 2.2 - 2.4 range for weeks 6-8. Already, I can feel that my heart and lungs are getting conditioned--and the smartest thing that I did was listen to my body after WK2.

While the chart shows my cardio, I've been strength training and working on my flexibility. Accordingly, in addition to transforming my heart and lungs, I'm transforming other parts of my body. Most notably, I have lost 1 inch from my thighs. Admittedly, I've not been very good with my diet this past week, but I know that I have more active tissue (muscle)--my body is getting tighter and stronger. The nice thing about making changes in your diet and exercise, you do not have to wait long to see results.

I had a great joy this week too. I was able to take both Macy and Daisey on the firebreak behind my home sans leash. It made for an enjoyable trail run. Macy stayed by me, and Daisey made her great English Setter concentric circles. Though I had not earthly idea where she was most of the time, she was keenly aware as to my and Macy's whereabouts. IN fact, I could hear her great thunderous strides and breathing coming to and fro on the trail (I think that a horse would make less noise). Though I have plenty of room for her to run on my property, she was clearly enjoying the long trail stretch.

Would that I could run that way! I hope that our dear Mark M is still training for the Boston Marathon. I secretly envy people who have such high aspirations. But through their example, I'll set a more modest goal of running a 5K or 10K race in the Spring.

I took my bike to the bike shop today, and I ordered some new tires. The rubber on my tires feels terribly dry though there are no cracks. I've been enjoying cross training with my bike on both the trail and the road as well as running on the trail and road. I bought some new road running shoes, and I look forward to trying them out when they arrive next week. I'm not ready to get new trail shoes yet.

We are beginning to ease into Fall. I'm glad for the hot, humid weather to end.

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