Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jeff Saut and Old Age Reminders

“Glass or no glass (read: no class)”
September 15, 2008

Jeff Saut has another wonderful column. I hope that you'll take time to read it above.

A friend of mine (who worked in banking most of his post public accounting career) e-mailed me this after essentially telling me that my notions about the banking system were likely over stated:

And Leisa, you get the crystal ball award for forecasting the downfall of the American banking system as we once knew it. All those years in healthcare, when you should have been running the Federal Reserve Bank.

I have an alumni event with this firm on the 24th. Every couple of years they host one--and it is pretty nicely done: open bar, heavy and delicious hours d'oeuvres. I've been gone from the firm since 1986--22 years. It is always great to catch up with old colleagues. I was 22 when I started there!

I also have my 30th high school reunion on October 4th. 26th wedding anniversary on October 1. Geez.....


Anonymous said...

You do know what is happening !!!


russell1200 said...

Is the 30th reunion the reason for all this exercise?

I understand that canoing with dogs makes for an exiting exercise.

I am absolutely amazed that anyone thinks that the US tax payers may come out ahead by taking equity stakes. If they do, it will only be because we inflated our way into some profits.

Its not that the banks don't have banks or AIG did not have buyers, they just did not like the price. King of like all the home owners who are upside down now on their loans.

Leisa said...

R: I wasn't even going to attend my reunion. I only decided to do so when my GF from NoVa said she would attend if I did. So, I was already underway.

Rather, when I broke my foot and had such difficulty managing crutches and hoisting myself up steps, I realized that I was losing valuable strength.

Plus, I couldn't fit into any of my nice clothes having put on a few pounds too many. So necessity, not vanity dictated.