Thursday, September 04, 2008

Markets, Politics and FbF

On the market front: I cannot make any sense out of this market. I believe that some HF's have blown up in the energy area. I've said here that the commodities--should be the last area to collapse for the economic cycle to be complete. The key question (and no one knows this answer) is whether or not the drops in the other sectors (financial, retail, etc) have appropriately priced in the slowing global economy.

I was looking at charts and noticing that the rails are failing and that semiconductors are rolling. You know my rail against the rails, as I've been writing about it since the beginning of the year. In my typical fashion, I was early. I'm still trying to figure out what is going on with utilities--particularly natural gas utilities. I exited my SDP, and may re-enter.

What is particularly satisfying is that I'm listening to GaryK (as I write) from last night, and he's commenting on the semi's (and technology in general) and rails. I feel some vindication on the training of my eye on charts. Do listen to Gary K's 09.3 broad cast. The first 10 minutes generally have the pith of most of his commentary. In fact, that is generally all that I listen to. For a free resource, I find his opinions priceless.

Here are just a few charts for you.

Here's a 10 year Kagi chart on XLU:

It's worth noting that the insurance index has been pretty strong. Take a look:

And retail of all things:

Precious Metals---

On the political front: What a historical moment, regardless of your political affiliations, on both tickets. I only wished that I felt some affinity toward either message. I don't. But that's my issue!

On the Fit by Fifty Front: I've lost weight (5-6 lbs); I've increased my muscle tone; I've lost 1.9% in body fat (though the scale seems to have some erratic moves!); I've lost 1/2 inch on my thighs. My arms have not lost any inches, but they are more toned; hips, waist--all getting smaller.

I'm finding that staying within my calorie allotment much easier this week. Perhaps it is training my head/stomach. I bought some Scottish oatmeal, ground flax seed (which is my breakfast with fresh blueberries and soy milk); brown rice (though I've not made it yet). It is rib-sticking! If I eat a little later in the morning, I can eat lunch later. A later lunch means I'm not so hungry for dinner.

My foot hurt yesterday; and I did no cardio. No nothing really. Today I have a lunch date, but will move around in some fashion this evening.

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